Find the right NTNU expertise for your next European project!

The set of NTNU Brochures presenting NTNU’s researchers’ interests and their expertise in the Horizon Europe Cluster Calls, has now been updated with new entries. Through an extensive mapping exercise, we have matched our researchers' interests in the Horizon Europe calls, based on both their expertise and the industry relations they can bring to the bid. Together, these documents form six prospectuses that outline areas of expertise for - and of interest to - NTNU researchers, for each of the upcoming calls in the six clusters of Horizon Europe.

In Horizon Europe (HEU) - as of December 2023 - NTNU has 161 funded projects, of which 136  are already signed (accounting for more than €79 million in funding), positioning NTNU among the top HEU Norwegian actors, and among the top 15 European actors within the European Higher Education Sector. NTNU’s strength is our competence in science and technology combined with academic breadth and interdisciplinarity.

The intention behind the brochures is to encourage and support the creation of collaboration dialogue with other EU stakeholders.

If you want to collaborate with NTNU, have a look to their brochures by visiting the website here: Horizon Europe Mapping - NTNU